May 2-4, 2019
The Riverside Hotel
Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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The National Adolescent Perpetration Network (NAPN) is the leading national membership organization for professionals who serve children and adolescents who have perpetrated sexual abuse. Founded in 1983, NAPN remains dedicated to the promotion and rapid dissemination of developmentally-informed evidence-based best practices in assessment, treatment, and case management. The Annual NAPN Conference brings together leading speakers and hundreds of attendees in a unique continuing education experience that provides a supportive community for multidisciplinary paraprofessionals working in a variety of roles and settings. Attendees develop new clinical skills and learn to incorporate cutting-edge research into daily practice. In addition to being one of the best training and networking events of the year, the Annual NAPN Conference also provides opportunities for graduate students and Early Career Professionals to present their work and receive mentorship. We invite you to join our mission of Building Safer Futures!


“NAPN is the only national organization that provides an annual conference that specifically and exclusively focuses on children and adolescents as it relates to the prevention, assessment, and treatment of harmful sexual behaviors.  It is the go-to organization and conference for those who provide services to youth with sexual behavior problems. ”

~ Dr. Kevin Powell

“To me, NAPN means community.  From the moment I went to my first NAPN conference, I felt welcomed into this wonderful community of knowledgeable, passionate and amazing people.  The people in NAPN are what make it different and special from other professional organizations.  People that are working to make a difference in the lives of not only the clients we serve, but the folks doing the serving.  Ideas are welcomed, challenged, and contemplated, to ensure the best ones are the new norms within the field.  And as someone who didn’t do this type of work with this type of client until my job at Whitney Academy, I never felt like an outsider.  I never felt like my ideas and views weren’t valued.  I have always felt as thought my view, my work and my voice were important and meaningful to the overall field.  And not many professional networks do that very well.  NAPN is a very special organization to me, my work and my clients.”

~ Christin Santiago-Calling

“NAPN is an organization that fully understands the importance of the scientist-practitioner model, in that it provides training opportunities that incorporate not only the most up-to-date research, but actual ‘how-to’ interventions.”

~ Dr. Kevin Powell

“My first exposure and training with youth that have caused sexual harm was in Colorado with Gail Ryan in 1990.  As NAPN formed and developed I have met so many other colleagues in the field who, like me, were influenced and nurtured by Gail and subsequently NAPN’s guidance.  NAPN conferences have provided many professionals in our field with their initial training, professional connections, and the foundation for best practices nationwide.  In addition to providing great training, the most common feedback was how equitable the cost was given the quality of the presentations.  While NAPN is the only national organization that focused primarily on youth that have caused sexual harm, it has always promoted and provided a close-knit community of professionals that are approachable and supportive.”

~ Geoff Sidoli

“NAPN is Fun! No one takes themselves too seriously and NAPN folks understand that ‘life-long learning’ and ‘fun’ go hand-in-hand.”

~ Dr. Kevin Powell

“NAPN pioneered work with sexually abusive youth across the United States, has mentored or supported many in the field who in turn have mentored and supported others, and highlighted the need for human relations to be central in work with children and adolescents who have engaged in sexually abusive behavior. NAPN was and remains the only national organization for those working with children and adolescents in the United States, and has influenced and highlighted the work of many of those who have built and continue to build the foundations for today’s work. NAPN’s conferences, always positively received by those in attendance, are routinely described as professionally and personally connective, and give NAPN a sense of family even to those new in the field. The NAPN conference is accessible in terms of cost, content, and size and is aimed at practitioners rather than researchers, although holds a strong balance between the two ends of the field.  Above all else, NAPN has been the primary national voice for those working with children and adolescents, and has fostered the field.”

~ Phil Rich
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